Welcome to my homepage

I’m a post doctoral researcher at the Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab of Dr. Matthew Walker at UC Berkeley.

I’m fascinated by what goes on in our brains when we sleep. Sleep must have great benefits for an organism or we would not put ourselves in such a vulnerable state for so much time of our lives. Which processes take place in the brain when it is shut off from external stimuli? What's the effect of sleep on memory, and on how information is organized in our brains? Does sleep have an effect on our emotions? Which sleep stages (rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, slow wave sleep, etc) are involved in the different processes and why? 

I'm exploring these questions using electrophysiological techniques like magneto-encephalography (MEG), high density electro-encephalography (EEG), and electro-corticography (ECoG). I'm also one of the developers, user, and fan of FieldTrip, a Matlab based toolbox for MEG and EEG analysis.

I just published the paper "sleep promotes the extraction of grammatical rules" in PLOS ONE. You can read a short here (see tab above) about what we did and what we found.